[ Fuel for curiosity, fuel for passion projects ]

Our members are seekers, finders, and doers with deep curiosities, passion projects, and expertise. Refinery creates personalized programs, connections, and support to make indulging those curiosities and realizing those passion projects easier, richer, and fun.


A personalized 1:1 session, where members work with a Refinery Guide to define the Refinery experience and results they’re looking for.

Once they do, we personally connect them to like-minded members who can be fellow-travelers, co-conspirators or guides, and identify the opportunities for enriching their experiences and lives. Included in full memberships.

fUELING curiosity

Interactive, idea-driven salons. Small cohort meet ups to explore ideas and learning. An annual weekend retreat. Access to custom learning and custom learning journeys.

Sharing wisdom

Each of our members has something to share and a desire to share that wisdom. Mentor others within the club community. Mentor entrepreneurs in the extended network. Partner with other members for ventures, investments and more.


Just as we connect members to each other in the Refinery, we also connect you with network experts who can help with passion projects in areas from business and marketing to philanthropy and impact investing.