A different kind of community.

Refinery is a community of interesting, extraordinary, curious grownups who want to create what’s next for themselves, create positive legacies, and make the world a better place. If you’re interested in receiving an invitation to join, please click here.


[ membership by invitation or nomination only ]

Meaningful connections with smart, soulful people doing good things and Happy to help you do the same.

We all meet lots of people through our jobs and communities, but don’t always find real connection. We’ve carefully designed our offerings to foster those deeper connections: 1:1 onboarding, thoughtful, facilitated introductions; intimate events and journeys; and smaller cohorts coming together to work on joint projects or explore common interests. The result? Better, deeper networks for work and for play.

New friends. New worlds to explore. Broadened horizons. Personal and professional development.

values driven.

We take our values seriously and weave them into everything we do. We value respect, kindness, and generosity. We are diverse and curious; optimists and doers. We ask members to bring their whole selves - both business and personal. We strive to be a community of smart, genuine, warm people.

What this means: kindred spirits, a safe community in which to be creative and to try new things.

A place for joiners AND non-joiners.

Not everyone is a raging extravert or has time to be out and about, and that’s just fine. We honor our members for being who they are. So sometimes that means big events and gatherings. Sometimes that means small groups and 1:1s. And sometimes, that means finding ways to support people in their passion projects that aren’t about the club.

The result? A club built around our members. Isn’t that the way it should be?

The joys of the unexpected mix.

It’s so easy to stay safe and comfortable in our silos. So we bring together who don’t always find themselves thrown together who nonetheless share common values and a seasoned, adult perspective. We mix up our events and gatherings. too: art and politics, pleasure and purpose, talks and tours, small workshops and happy hours in our communities, in interesting, under-the-radar, behind-the-scenes locales.

The result: Inspiration, provocation, and discovery, aka fuel for life.

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[ membership by invitation or nomination only ]


Our members are an eclectic mix of people who want to live well, and live with purpose, and represent the best of the Bay Area Community (and a few beyond, who consider this place home.)

They’re thoughtful, curious, thinking about creating the kind of legacy to be proud of, and excited by the chance to build a really special community. Smart and grownup (generally over 40), they tend to be wise, cool, down-to-earth polymaths. They embody our values of optimism, kindness and generosity, a do-er spirit, and a willingness to bring their whole selves to the party.

Introverts, extraverts; singles, couples, parents, grandparents…we have them all. No great-grandparents, yet.

They’re creatives and artists, professionals, business owners, and corporate leaders; mainstream and social entrepreneurs, investors, educators, leaders in government, policy, philanthropy and non-profits. And some of our members have been all those things along the way. More than a few of us are masters of reinvention.

We love this mix.

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[ THE benefits of membership ]

What’s included

Personalized on-boarding and introductions to other members

Special Refinery-only cohorts in which to pursue passions and passion projects

Access to members-only content and Slack channels

Access to member directory

Listing of pre-vetted service provider networks

Invitations to exclusive events

Special invitations to events put on by Refinery members and partners

Discounts to a curated set of business, culture, and travel-related services


We offer several different tiers of membership, including remote and Refinery “fellows” memberships.

If you’re interested in receiving an invitation to join Refinery, please click here.