Cannabis 101: Getting Practical with Marcia Gagliardi

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You probably know Marcia Gagliardi’s name and distinctively smart, generous, sparkly voice from tablehopper, the definitive SF dining scene newsletter. Well, that’s still running (thank goodness), but now she’s gone and founded mymilligram, too: a weekly newsletter covering the best cannabis products out there.

Having Marcia with you as you explore the world of cannabis is invaluable: there are so many choices out there, so many new brands, so many ways to think about using it (sleep? feeling chill? feeling blissed out? pain relief?), that a guide is an absolute necessity.

Before dipping into mymilligram, get to know a little more about Marcia (rhymes with Garcia).

How and why did you expand from tablehopper to mymilligram?

Um, because I’m certifiably crazy? I've never been busier in my life! But, I'm also thrilled to be living within my dream Venn diagram overlap of food and cannabis.

Joking aside, I've been so excited about my newfound relationship with cannabis over the past few years as a microdoser that I just had to start sharing my journey and discoveries! I'm so inspired by the quality of innovative products coming out in Northern California that I simply had to start writing about them. Cannabis can help people in so many ways, from rest to de-stressing to reducing pain to having fun, and I'm honored to help people embark on and explore their low-dose journey.

What are the three most misunderstood things about cannabis that you’d like to bust?

That it will make you paranoid, lazy, or make you eat too much. If you take the right amount of the right products (or cultivars), you can absolutely avoid paranoia, get super-inspired and productive—and cannabis can actually help with weight loss when used intentionally!

What’s YOUR superpower? (We ask all our members to share theirs.)

I’m a community builder. I love bringing people together for shared experiences. (I’m also known for getting people to push their boundaries a bit—perfect for this new business of mine!)

We asked Marcia for her 101 guides to the wide world of cannabis, and here’s what she suggested. (See more on mymilligram.)


Looking to dip your toes in the water? See how here. Just go slow and easy.

Have you ever tried micro-dosing? Maybe not, but a lot of people around you do it to take the edge off things. Not sure where to start? We’ve got just the place.


Image courtesy of Marcia Gagliardi, photographer, Scott Saraceno.

Regina Connell