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Refinery is a members’ club for grownups of creativity, curiosity, and generosity who are looking to lead more purposeful, joy-filled lives and create meaningful legacies.

We’ve designed the club around the joys, conundrums, and potential of life as we hit our 40s and beyond. We are about connection, meaning, willingness to be adventurous and a little vulnerable. Our members believe that we’re here to make a difference in the world.
If not now, when?



Refinery is

[ fuel for connection, curiosity, passion projects, and purpose—the necessary elements for a Fuller, better life.

We keep it personal and high touch, feeding head, heart, and soul through dynamic but intimate gatherings, smaller interest-based cohorts, and 1:1 sessions ]


More than a social club

We connect.

We bring members together with fellow travelers they didn’t know before; help them access extended networks to get things done; nurture and foster collaboration; and connect them to the ideas that inspire and energize.


Refinery pops up in all kinds of eclectic, behind the scenes spaces.

We mix it up.

From arts and culture, the world of ideas, to philanthropy, social impact and doing good, we bring smart, provocative, fresh perspectives to life.

Learn more about our members and our vibe here.



We are Refinery

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