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Refinery is a community for seasoned, grown-up creators, venturers, and doers who believe in living, working, and playing with meaning and joy. We help them discover and create what’s next in their own lives, their work, and in the world.

Because if not now, when?



Refinery is

[ fuel for connection, inspiration, ventures, passion projects, and purpose:the necessary elements for a Fuller, better life.

We keep it personal and high touch, with facilitated networking; dynamic but intimate gatherings; and smaller, supportive, interest-based cohorts. ]


More than a social club

We connect and ACtivate.

We bring members together with fellow travelers to be inspired, learn, collaborate, and activate. We help you identify what you most need to achieve your goals, and then help you access the resources it’ll take to get you there.

At Refinery, ventures come to life; passion projects gain momentum; opportunities surface and spur action; and life becomes more meaningful and impactful.


Refinery pops up in all kinds of eclectic, behind the scenes spaces.

We mix it up.

From arts and culture, food and drink to the world of ideas, investment, and social impact we blend pleasure with purpose, and bring smart, provocative, fresh perspectives to life.

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We are Refinery

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